Time to turn your clock back…

November 2, 2015
Deep River Park. Photo by Alexis Ballogg-Saviola Lierman

Deep River Park. Photo by Alexis Ballogg-Saviola Lierman

As the days get shorter, one of my least favorite times of the year is when we switch our clocks back. It’s a feeling of doom as we know we are about to enter a black hole of darkness, cold and winter.

This year was a little different. After a gloomy, grey Halloween, we all awoke to clear skies and warmer temperatures. I spent most of my day outside, running at Tolleston, walking my dog at Portage Lakefront and hiking Miller Woods (with a stop for a beer at 18th Street). Everyone was outside, either finishing up yard work, going for a walk or just enjoying the day. The fall colors were still gorgeous and overall things just seemed a little brighter.

Now I know this won’t last forever, but when we get a forecast for the first week of November like we have in front of us right now (70’s!), we certainly can’t complain. And as the days grow shorter, just remember that it’s really only about 7 weeks until we hit our shortest day and then spring is on it’s way!


I would like to thank my Facebook followers for the photos featured in this week’s post. Last week I asked everyone to send me their photos of fall and we all voted on our favorites. I am posting the top three.

Heron Rookery. Robin Red Feather Janota

Heron Rookery. Photo by Robin Red Feather Janota


West Beach. Photo by Monica Szular

West Beach. Photo by Monica Szular



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    Robin Janota

    November 2, 2015

    I made the top 3?! Fantastic! Thanks everyone. I look forward to the winters as I get older. Time for rest and renewal. Lately the fall weather has been perfect for outdoor activity during the day. El Niño has us in a mild pattern this week and I intend to be outside for most of it. Enjoy yourselves this week!


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