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The Boys Cook Dinner – good food for a good cause!

November 26, 2018

What started as a passion for cooking good food with friends, Charlie Trowbridge, has begun sharing his talents with the public by collaborating with places like The Market, Dagger Mountain Roastery, and Meditrina Market Cafe.

For the past 3 years Charlie and his original crew (Jeff Hofferth, Jeff Arnett, and Svea Gavin) has been inviting friends into his home to cook dinner, resulting in the tradition – The Boys Cook Dinner. Sharing new recipes, making memories and learning what works and what doesn’t from the closest of friends. This past year Charlie was inspired to open the event to the public to raise money in honor of his late, great friend Keegan Whaling. The Keegan Whaling Memorial Scholarship through the Porter County Community Foundation contributes to the educational opportunity for graduating seniors at Valparaiso High School. Charlie and his friends have taken a passion they simply love doing and turned it into a beautiful event for good in their community.

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“We absolutely love putting on the dinners. They’re so so much fun and we’ve developed a great community of supportive customers, and it’s always a pleasure to put these events on for them. The Twin Peaks Dinner was not a Benefit, but for the past dinners and the upcoming dinner it’s been so important to us to be able to donate to the funds in Keegan’s name. Keegan is what inspires us to continue these dinners. The Whaling family has been a huge support of everything we’ve done, and we’re endlessly grateful for them.” – Charlie Trowbridge

I attended the Twin Peaks Vegan Dinner last week. This particular event was a collaboration with The Boys, The Market, Dagger Mountain, and featured Four Fathers beer. Forgetting it was 100% vegan, at first I took the bacon off the donut, that’s how legit everything looked. My favorite dish was the Chicken & Matcha Waffles and of course the “Kinda Cherry Pie”. I had never seen anyone smoke individual jars before and it was mesmerizing! It was fun watching them work hard behind the counter and to really see the process of it all! The meal was delicious and inventive, I absolutely can not wait to see what they do next!

Dagger Mountain owners Dan & Ashton Evans are fully committed to the vegan lifestyle in the tasting room and at home.  Did you know it takes 90 gallons of water to produce 1 stick of butter? YEAH! I didn’t either. This inspires the couple to keep it simple by choosing carefully what they spend their money on. “I am so proud of Charlie and it was an honor to pair up with him and his team to put on this experience.” – Daniel Evans (Head Roaster/Owner of Dagger Mountain)

“I met Charlie a few months ago, after being introduced by Dan (Dagger Mountain), and his ideas just made sense. Working with Charlie has filled my heart and it has been inspiring to work with someone so young and passionate.” – Jason Rudy (Chef/Owner of The Market)


Maple Bacon Donut
Candied Tempeh Bacon, Whiskey & Maple Glaze, Beer Powder, Apple Butter, Yeast Donut

Biscuits & Gravy
Everything Biscuit, Dagger Mountain Red Eye Gravy, Mushrooms, French’s Fried Onions, Parsley

Chicken & Waffles
Pickle Brined & Fried Tofu, Matcha Waffle, Yuzu-Kosho Mayo, Smoked Hot Sauce, Apple

Breakfast Hash
TVP Chorizo, Yukon Potato, Peppadew Peppers & Caramelized Onions, Horseradish Ketchup, Diner Chives, Cheese, Sunflower Shoots

Kinda Cherry Pie
Smoked Cherries + Forest Granola + Campfire


“The creativity and knowledge of these kids is exemplary. Not only is it hard to plan a meal for 50 people, but making it vegan takes research, planning and prep work. It’s amazing that these kids are doing something so important and Keegan would be so damn proud.” – Cathy Brown Brown

“It’s so good I would change my lifestyle if The Boys would cook for me everyday. The Chicken and waffles was out of this world.” – Matty Whaling

“Tonight has been so fun for us because my husband and I are vegetarian. The Chorizo hash was by far my favorite. They have absolutely mastered the flavors.” – Jodi Frailey

On December 23rd hosted by Valpo Velvet in downtown Valparaiso, The Boys will be back at it again and this time 100% of the profits will be going to the #BeLikeKeegan Fund (a new fund also through PCCF, that will put money back into the Porter County Community where it needs it most). A lunch ticket and 2 different dinner seatings. Get your tickets here! The menu for this dinner is going to be a tour of the United States, so each dish will be inspired by the cuisine of a different region in the US. Follow The Boys Cook on facebook and twitter for updates and other events!

Keep it up Boys!

Read more about the Porter County Community Foundation here!




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