Take your talent to “Captain Ambivalent’s Talent Show” in Michigan City.

January 18, 2019

Submitted by Matthew A. Werner
Photo: publicity shot for Captain Ambivalent

You have a story to tell, a poem to read, a song to sing. You’ve been playing the violin, piano, saxophone, or guitar alone for years. Now is the time to bring that talent out of the shadows and share it with a friendly audience. The Nest (803 Franklin Street, Michigan City) is hosting “Captain Ambivalent’s Every Kind of Talent Show” on January 26. And every kind of talent is exactly what it means. 

You’ve played saxophone for years, but never for an audience? Do it now! Always thought you could do a Ted Talk? Here’s your chance! Got harmony? Bring your singing voice! Want to show off a short film you produced? Let’s do it! You can juggle? We want to see! You have a joke to tell, a magic trick to demonstrate, a painting or art work to share? No time like the present. And if you aren’t ready to share your talent with the public, no sweat—good audience members are treasured talent themselves!

Captain Ambivalent and his accordion of gold will emcee the event, provide encouragement, and pitch in some of his own every kind of talent with songs, stories, and laugh. Come out, showcase your creativity, or enjoy others sharing theirs. You’re sure to have fun.

When: Saturday, January 26, 7:00 pm CST.
Where: The Nest – 803 Franklin Street, Michigan City.
Cost: Pay what you will 

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