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Summer Fun: Wednesdays at Wells Street Beach

June 13, 2017

Every Wednesday throughout the summer you can find something special at Wells Street Beach Concession and Parking. This family owned and operated business brings live entertainment, great food, family activities and even water safety to the Miller Beach area every Wednesday evening.

Dig the Dunes sat down with Mary Ann Best, who helps run the restaurant with her mother Alice, and we learned all about their weekly summer event.

Alice, Mary Ann and Mary Ann’s niece, Erin

What is Wednesdays at Wells Street Beach?
Wednesdays at Wells Street Beach is our way of celebrating our neighbors and the surrounding communities. We love to see everyone stop by, hang out with us, enjoy good food and music and relax on the lake front in our family friendly environment. We hope sharing our story with Dig the Dunes will help us reach people that are not aware that we are tucked into this great little neighborhood of Miller Beach.

Will you always have live music on Wednesdays? 
Yes – we will have music each Wednesday (weather pending)  – Angelo Cicco started us off beautifully last week and Buddy Pearson will alternate weeks with him.  We have a few weeks that we may change it up, and if we do, you can find out about it by following us on our Facebook page.  We hope to have some ukulele playing during breaks with Anna Engle – she is a new employee this year at WSB.

Will you have different food then your regular concession on Wednesdays?
Yes, we will try to serve a special entrée  or two – so always ask or look in the menu for them.  This past week, since we expected the evening to be a little chilly, we had chicken tetrazene served with fresh green beans. The other option was a large loaded baked potato.  The response was great – everyone that selected those items loved them! We will also have some additional dessert items like cupcakes and cheesecake.  Our signature black cows (root beer floats) and sundaes are almost always available.  Many of our regulars are making suggestions for the specials and we love hearing what they would like!  We almost always have a nice greek salad and chicken salad.

Is there table service?
Table service is available every day!  In order to serve beer or wine, per our license, it must be table service as this allows us to include kids on the patio and that is important to us. We want families to come and enjoy meals together.  You can sit out on the patio anytime – lunch or dinner and we will be happy to serve you.

What sort of drinks can someone expect?
We offer a few options of white and red wine, a few domestic and imported beers and our biggest hit is the sangria – with frozen fruit! We hope to have a wine and or beer tasting event sometime this summer – more to come on that!

What other activities do you have planned for your Wednesday nights?
Last year we had the balloon lady come and it was a big hit with all the kids, so we plan on having another balloon day on July 5th. We have corn hole games and we plan to add some games out in the sand under the tree.

This past week we partnered with the IN Coast – which was wonderful! We love meeting and bringing people together and supporting other efforts to highlight our fabulous lake front. We hope to partner again with a neighbor that brings down SUP boards for people to try out the sport.

What are your hours?
Our main season hours are 9 am – 8 pm 7 days a week.  The hours vary according to when the sun sets.  As the days get shorter at the end of August  – we close a little earlier.  Wednesdays at Wells St  — if you are on the patio for this event we stay open to 8:30- – 8:45 pm.  We are always weather pending.

Anything else?
I am involved in the Great Lakes Water Safety Consortium – I attended their conference this spring in Sheboygan WI and met many great people that are promoting and will help me promote water safety and stay on top of the most current information.  I want to bring awareness to people about water safety.  It isn’t about keeping people out of the water, but about teaching people how to be safe in and around the water.  WSB will be putting up two safety stations that include a life ring, rope, life jacket and messaging. We will encourage people to play with the rings and know how to throw them.  We will be handing out information and posting information about water safety.

We would like to see some paddle groups and some open water swim groups meet at WSB. Bicycling here would be great too – with a dip and food after!  if anyone is interested please contact me.  (you can contact Mary Ann at

Featured photo and the photos below were taken by Nikki Bazaldua. You can follow Nikki on instagram @Nikibaz

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