South Shore CVA’s “Restaurant Week” kicks off today!

February 20, 2017

Feature photo: Yellow Lake Perch and Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls from Dark Star of the Dunes.

Looking to try a new restaurant in the area? This might be just the time to do it! South Shore CVA is holding their 3rd annual “Savor the South Shore” restaurant week from February 20th thru March 5, 2017. During this time, many local restaurants will be creating special menus that give you the opportunity to try a variety of their items at a lower price. More than 30 restaurants are participating and their menus will allow you to choose items from appetizers, entrees and a dessert. Some restaurants will have both lunch and dinner specials while others will just have dinner. You can view a listing of restaurants and their menus, right here.

A few of Dig the Dunes favorites are on the list, including Dark Star of the Dunes, located just outside Michigan City, Sage in Valparaiso and El Taco Real in Hammond and Bartlett’s Gourmet Grill in Beverly Shores.

Take this opportunity to “eat local”! There are a lot of wonderful restaurants just outside your door.

Want to see more of Dig the Dunes favorite eateries? Click here!

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