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August 5, 2016

By Izzy Endsley

Snapchat, Instagram, Insta-Story, Twitter feed, filter, geotag, SNAP-GRAM-INSTA-TAG-TWEET!! What’s the Difference!? What’s the point?! How do you even work this thing!?!?

Social media has become a huge part of our world whether we like it or not. If you control the amount of time you spend on them, who you following and where you partake in using of the apps, I think the positives outweigh the negatives of virtual communication. It’s truly a beautiful thing to be able to follow your friends, family, favorite places to visit, get tips and tricks for the everyday life, etc.

Here are a simple few tips to use social media in the best way possible!

1. Limit yourself to 30 minutes a day to skim through your feeds. In your free time! Don’t look for hours on end or you’ll end up looking at the same things over and over when you could be looking out in front of you!

2. Keep the browsing at home. While you are out and about use social media to post pictures and videos of all the beautiful places you visit!

3. Unfollow overshare-ers and people who post too much negative stuff. Keep it happy and positive!

4. Have fun! Use these platforms to share and learn new things.

Here at Dig the Dunes we use social media to promote local businesses, activities in the area and the unique beauty the region has to offer. The key to keeping it real on social media is to find your purpose; whether it be to keep in touch, see the world in a new perspective, find things to do or share your experiences!

Here are a few of my favorite social media features!


On Instagram, Facebook and Twitter you can include #hastags in a post. The hashtag becomes a link and when you click on it, it takes you to a page showing everyone else who is using that hashtag! Dig the Dunes started the hashtag #digthedunes You can see people from all over who visit the dunes and take AMAZING pictures and videos. Its a great way to explore your interest.

IMG_2590Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 2.54.38 PM












Geofilters in Snapchat

A Geofilter is a picture that overlays the picture you are taking that communicates the “where and when” of your snap in a fun way! Wherever you are, open your snapchat and check to see if they have one. There’s even one at The Alamo! Did you know we have a few in this area?


Photocredit: Erin DeVaney













Snapchat Lense

On snap chat these change every week or so but they are hilarious filters that form to your face and create live actions and sometimes change your voice! I have sat and laughed with my family and friends while playing with this feature. Be careful though, you can screenshot on snapchat so when you send that goofy koala filter your friends may keep it forever!














Here at Dig the Dunes we LOVE photography themed apps! We are on InstagramTwitter and now on Snapchat! @DigtheDunes – gives us a follow and enjoy!

Be on the lookout for more social media tips from Izzy in the coming weeks!



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