Seven of your favorite summer moments in the dunes

October 9, 2018

Feature photo: Lawrence Tellez (favorite summer moment: capturing the first summer sunset at West Beach)

We asked you to post some of your favorite summer moments on our facebook page, and boy you did! Over 35 responded and we loved seeing all of your photos and comments. We picked a few of our favorites and we hope to do this more often, because we like featuring you and your photos!


Patty Jo Stewart: Watching the sunrise at the Portage Riverwalk, and getting to also watch this group of surfers.


Tom McClure: Taking in the local wildlife!


Michael Seefeldt: Just chillin out


Marie Hanners: Our annual family vacation to the Dunes. We loved everything the Dunes has to offer us but family fun is always top of our list!


Cara Betz Ovanek: Cooling off after a trip to the Washington Park Zoo


Karen Kumiega: Following my Grandsons’ lead to the water, Beverly Shores.


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