2020-21 Dunie Challenges

Sign of the Times

These signs are scattered all around the Indiana Dunes area. Can you find them?

Take a photo of each sign (with you in front of it) and email to info@digthedunes.com before August 31, 2020. Get them all and win a prize. First person to complete this challenge will also get a Dig the Dunes t-shirt.

This challenge is open to anyone, but only Dunie members will get a prize.

Make sure to tell your Dunes loving friends to grab their DUNIE membership today! Not only do you get to join us on the secret trail, but you get 10% off at all sorts of places (like Burn ‘Em and Beach Bums and Quaker Steak and Red Cup), you get 10% off Dig the Dunes merch and select events, 4 Dunie meet-ups, a cool dunie sticker and your name on our Dunie Page!

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