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Reserved brings small group dining to Michigan City

November 16, 2015


There’s a small room at the new North Pointe Pavilion in Michigan City that is bringing something special to the area. Wonderful chefs, gourmet meals, new friends and great conversation.

When the wind started to blow in from the north in late October, Moe Mroueh knew he had to close up his beach bar & concession, “Fire & Water” for the winter. In his mind, things were just getting started and he didn’t want it to end. Taking a look at the space, he saw potential in the beverage room just off the pavilion. So he painted, redecorated, brought in some wonderful artwork and a large family style block table. Then he went to work locating chefs that would be willing to give his idea a try.


The first dinner was a sold out success with Chef Amaury Rosado

On Saturday, November 7, Reserved had it’s inaugural dinner. Chef Amaury Rosado came in from the Chicago area and brought with him lots of fresh & local food. 15 people filled the room, many who had just met. After a champagne toast, they all received a five course meal, paired with wine. Menu items included braised beef with chocolate sauce and snapper with a unique, but very tasty, black rice.


Chef Brad Hindsley prepares his homemade ravioli, diners are welcome to peek in the kitchen and chat with the chefs as they prepare the courses.

Last Friday, Brad Hindsley, owner of Spire Farm to Fork took center stage with his five course meal. Again, he served to a sold out crowd who found his home made ravioli, beef 2 ways and wild caught halibut divine.

What makes these dinners special? Moe says, “it’s not just going out to dinner, it’s a complete dining experience.”

Aside from the amazing food, it’s the new friends, the fun conversation and getting up close with the chefs. Both Amaury and Brad came out and spoke about their meals. They explained their process and why they chose the courses that they did. They chatted with everyone before & after dinner and answered questions about themselves. There was lots of laughter, wine and very full bellies. “My wife made me come,” said one guest, “but after tonight, I’ll be back!”

What’s next? Moe is talking to several chefs and will have a calendar of events coming out soon. You can check the Fire & Water’s eventbrite page, Facebook page or be sure to like the new Reserved Facebook page to keep a pulse on what will be coming. Just be ready, because when tickets go on sale, they sell out fast!

  1. Reply

    eve noonan

    November 17, 2015

    Terrific idea, cannot wait to try it ou! Thanks Moe and all involved

  2. Reply

    Lois Navid

    November 25, 2015

    I hope that you be posting the calendar on this site for those of us not on Facebook.

  3. Reply

    Suzanne & Rick Lange

    November 26, 2015

    Hey Moe,
    It sounds great! Put us on your list!
    best of luck.


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