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Private developer inspired to build modern day ski jump on Indiana dune.

April 1, 2021

Feature photo taken from Ogden Dunes historical archives. (

Today’s flurries make it the perfect day to release news of a modern day ski jump being built right here in Northwest Indiana.

Investor Philip Bump announced his plans yesterday to a mixed crowd.

“The Indiana Dunes are becoming a wonderful destination”, Bump said, “this jump could make our dunes the Aspen of Indiana.”

Bump has been working with local organizations to make sure the dune is not damaged. During summer months he plans to reveal a large water slide that will go straight into Lake Michigan. Not enough snow in the winter? Bump is not worried. He’s been working with developers on an eco-friendly “soap snow”, made of all natural ingredients.

Tom Baldy, a Michigan City resident whose family actually contributed sand to both Mt. Tom and Mt. Baldy, was not pleased. “The dunes are extremely fragile, and something like this could destroy them”, he said. “We’ve been working for years to bring these habitats back.”

Others were excited of the prospect.

“I love cross country skiing!” said one lady who prefers to remain anonymous, “to have a ski jump right in my own backyard would be absolutely amazing.”

Will the ski jump actually make it up? Probably not, considering that today is April Fools Day.

Actual fact: Ogden Dunes, Indiana was home to a famous ski jump that was built in 1927. It was touted as one of the highest jumps in the United States! Learn ore at



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