Celebrate the Indiana Dunes!

Dig the Dunes and Along the South Shore have teamed up to create a unique set of Indiana Dunes postcards, but we need YOUR help!

We will be selecting 24 winners for our postcards and bundling them into 3 packs of 8.

The deadline to submit is May 31st

1. Submit unique shots of trails, beaches, breweries, wineries, shops, landmarks, restaurants, etc. in and around the Indiana Dunes.
2.Clearly label location of the photograph
3. High-resolution photos must be available
4. You may ONLY submit up to 3 photos per person
5. The photo(s) selected will be used by the SSCVA and/or Dig the Dunes for future promotion/marketing purposes.

All ages welcome!
**If you experience any upload issues, please email Izzy at izzyendsley@gmail.com