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Porter Beach to close until further notice.

May 6, 2020

INDIANA DUNES NATIONAL PARK: The National Park Service has closed the Porter Beach area of Indiana Dunes National Park. This closure includes both the national park beach and associated parking lots due to unsafe health conditions related to overcrowding, unsafe sanitation practices, and lack of social distancing pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The park reminds visitors to please comply with the CDC’s recommended safe practices and the Indiana Governor’s orders associated with the pandemic when visiting the national park.  United States law enforcement Park Rangers will be patrolling the area and those found violating this order can be charged criminally.  

All park trails and most beaches of the national park remain open. Many of these areas are receiving heavy use during the pandemic. If a parking lot is full, please find another area of the park to visit so that social distancing and public health and safety can be maintained. For the safety of the public and park staff, buildings, restrooms and the Dunewood Campground remain closed and trash cans are not being emptied.  Please use restrooms prior to visiting or leave the park if you need a restroom break. Please pack all of your trash out of the park. 

It is anticipated that the Porter Beach area, restrooms, and trashcans will be open later this month. Park staff are consulting with federal, state and local authorities to determine when it is safe to reopen all park facilities.

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