People are excited about a plaza in Michigan City. Here’s why…

November 6, 2018

Please note: The illustrations shown here are just preliminary designs. They are just ideas and NOT the actual depictions.

A plaza is set to open in the Uptown Arts District of Michigan City in the fall of 2019 and residents young and old are excited. They want to know what it will it be like, what people will do at the plaza and how Michigan City picked this location.

Dig the Dunes sat down with Craig Phillips, the Planning & Redevelopment Director and got the scoop. He has been working with several research groups who have reached out to all areas of the community for feedback. The responses are positive and have proven that the plaza is just what downtown Michigan City needs.

First, the basics. The plaza is now in the design stage! It will be centered on Franklin & 7th, between Franklin & Washington. It is expected to open in the fall of 2019. It will be open year round and they hope to have activities or events over 300 days a year!

Why downtown? A plaza or gathering place in an area that is already set up for business, will bring more foot traffic to that area. Our lakefront is beautiful, but Michigan City needs their downtown restaurants and shops to stay open and thrive. A plaza will bring people to the area for different events and activities and then allow them to discover more of the downtown and it’s surrounding blocks.

What will take place at the plaza? This is the fun part! The city has been talking to residents both young and old about what they would like to see at the plaza. The ideas are endless! They got answers like food trucks, a splash pad, farmer’s market, movies, concerts, rock climbing, giant jenga, winter activities and much more. The plaza is expected to be open and have events and things to do all year long. All the ideas will be considered and more information about this will be released as it gets closer to opening.

The opening of a plaza also brings cultural opportunities. A plaza is a wonderful spot to display art, to create art, to listen to music and to host festivals. It will also be another place in the dunes for people to get outdoors, walk around, support local and give back to the community.

Have questions or want to learn more? Be sure to follow the My Michigan City facebook page, or check out their website for updates and other things happening around town!

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