Paul Stofko to run the 3 Dunes Challenge for six straight hours

September 7, 2021
Paul “Crazy Legs” Stofko ultra runner and owner of the Crazy Legs Race Series will be running the 3 Dunes Challenge for 6 hours from 6:00 am-Noon on Sunday, September 12th to raise money for the Dunes Learning Center. Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps.
More information about the Dunes Learning Center can be found are their  their website
Indiana Dunes Environmental Learning Center, Inc., now doing business as “Dunes Learning Center,” was established as a regional resource dedicated to residential environmental education. Dunes Learning Center provides a classroom without walls in which students interact directly with the natural environment. The setting provides a unique exposure to a globally significant natural environment and one of the world’s great urban/industrial regions. Students gain new knowledge and understanding about how improving the quality of life is dependent upon our success in sustaining and integrating these two environments.
To donate please use this link to the Facebook fundraising link donations will be accepted until October 7th


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