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Meet Your Neighbor: Nelson Algren

January 5, 2021

Meet Nelson Algren! Nelson Algren is a famous author most known for his novel “The Man with the Golden Arm”. Algren spent lot of time in the dunes in the 50’s, where he had a cabin in Miller. Algren was also known for his relationship with French writer, activist…


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Wanatah, Indiana: Knee Deep in Mud?

December 15, 2020

© Matthew A. Werner 2020

Wanatah, Indiana, LaPorte County. 

For generations, locals have told the story how the town of Wanatah got its unique name. As it goes, wha-taw-taw was Native American for “knee deep in mud.” Everybody has heard it and it made sense—Wanatah was built on a marsh. 

That story…


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Grab a backpack and go!

December 8, 2020

Don’t lose your family’s connection to nature during this pandemic.

The Paul H Douglas Center for Environmental Education has prepared 10 family nature backpacks that are available for free checkout while hiking the Miller Woods Trail. The backpacks come equipped with fun items and scientific instruments such as pond sampling…

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