Our top three spots to hike over Thanksgiving weekend.

November 24, 2020

This year Thanksgiving is going to look a little different for a lot of us. Many will be spending it alone, or with just a small group of immediate family. One thing that we can still do though, is get outside and enjoy our dunes! After a Thanksgiving meal (or any meal for that matter) a nice long hike in nature can feel wonderful and exhilarating. It can also help you reflect on things you can be thankful for.

Here are three of our favorites.

Succession Trail at West Beach. Lots of stairs!
  1. Succession Trail – West Beach – Nothing helps work off those calories than a set of stairs. Succession trail has just that. And lots of them! Climb up to see one of the best views around town, and then circle back on a path of many ups and downs through the dunes that will bring you right to the beach. This is one of our favorites, and in the winter months there is no fee to park!
  2. Trail 2 – Indiana Dunes State Park – Yes! It’s true! Trail 2 is finally open again. This trail is quite popular among many locals and rightfully so. The new boardwalk is beautiful and close to 1/2 mile long as it stretches through the woods and marsh. We chose to hop on right off the road by Wilson Shelter. We connected to trail 10 and looped around for the perfect distance of 3 miles.
  3. Dune Ridge Trail – Kemil Beach, Beverly Shores – We love this trail any time of the year. It’s a little bit shorter (about .75 miles), but it does have a steep climb. The view of the marsh at the top is well worth it. Once you complete the loop you can choose to walk back into some of the abandoned roads in Beverly Shores or head to Kemil beach to hunt for beach glass. It’s not crowded this time of year and perfect for a late afternoon outing. You might even be able to catch the sunset!
New Boardwalk on Trail 2

As we head into Thanksgiving weekend, try to be thankful for what you have. This has been a gorgeous autumn and as the seasons start to change we will soon have a beautiful white snowfall and then spring will be here once again.

Dune Ridge trail overlooking Beverly Shores Marsh

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