Laura Verheaghe Finds a Silver Lining…Soup!

April 29, 2020

Feature photo: Laura and Bob Kerr (owner of Lakeshore Toyota) prepare to deliver 180 quarts of soup!

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And anyone who knows Laura Verheaghe, knows she is one tough cookie.

Laura, the owner of Red Cup Cafe in Chesterton, did not slow down when she heard the news of COVID 19. Something stirred inside her, and that stirring was soup! Laura had always thought about starting some sort of soup kitchen and with recent developments closing her cafe for inside patrons, she knew now was the time. In late March, Laura opened the Red Cup Soup Kitchen.

Verheaghe is working with several organizations to get the soup out to people in need as well as to our frontline workers, but she stresses that anyone is welcome to take some. People simply need to call or message her on facebook and she will leave frozen quarts of soup out on the table of the cafe. Donations are welcome, but never expected.

Recently, Laura and her crew put together 180 quarts of soup to give to the nurses at Porter Memorial. This endeavor was sponsored by Lakeshore Toyota & Ford and was her largest order to date. She has also set up regular deliveries to a family of 8 in Gary and has worked with Jacob’s Table to bring 60 quarts to St. John’s United.

Laura changes the soup depending on what she has in stock.
She received a 22 lb turkey one week, so she made turkey noodle soup!

Paul Stofko a well known ultra runner in the area is a big fan of Laura’s. When he saw what she was doing he knew he wanted to help.

“I saw Laura step up for our community for those in need. My skills are limited but I can run. So I decided to run the 3 Dunes Challenge for 5 hours to raise money for Laura’s cause.”

Paul ran the Three Dunes Challenge a total of 12 times, which was 19.4 miles! He also put together a virtual run and will donate a portion of the proceeds to the soup kitchen. You can find more info on his TP 10k virtual run, right here.

“In these uncertain times we need to come together and help one another.” Stofko said, We need to show the world that compassion and empathy of our fellow residents in our community is vital for its survival”

If you are interested in donating to the Red Cup soup kitchen, you can always put cash in the cup outside the cafe, donate via paypal or credit card, or reach out to Laura to help deliver. Laura can be reached at 219.929.1804

Red Cup Cafe is located at 115 Broadway in Chesterton IN. They hope to open back up for curbside to-go orders of coffee and baked goods in the next couple weeks.

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