Jenny Rusboldt brings three new classes to the Dig the Dunes fall roster

October 8, 2018

Did you attend last winter’s popular glass class? Have you been waiting to see what’s coming next? Well, you are in luck! Jenny Rusboldt, Dig the Dunes art instructor, has just added three new classes to the fall roster.

“We are testing all the classes to see what people like”, said Jenny. “we came up with so many ideas, we want to see what people will like and what will click.”

Rusboldt knew people loved the glass class, so she decided to take that idea and expand on it for her first class. “People loved all the embellishments,” she said, “so we changed this one to more of a Lake Michigan theme with rocks, sand, sailboats & lighthouses, but still using the small trinkets that everyone liked so much.” The completed picture is a horizontal canvas with a painted background and lighthouse that actually lights up. This class will be available this Wednesday, October 10 at Matey’s Chartroom.

“People are just drawn to beach glass and mermaids.” Jenny said, “so one entire class is focused on building a mermaid. We think this one will be perfect for teens as well, so our first mermaid class is open to those 14 and up.” This class uses paint, twine, shells and embellishments to create an 11×17 mermaid. Jenny decided to hold this class at the newly opened Tap House in Michigan City so that people could get out and discover a new place in addition to taking the class.

The final class Rusboldt will offer in this initial fall series will be beach glass wind chimes. This class will include wire wrapping and will be held at Byway Brewery in Hammond. Manufactured beach glass will be used, or people are welcome to bring their own.

As in the past, all classes will include materials, instruction and one drink. (kids at the mermaid class will get a $6 charge card to use for soda or food).

Jenny plans to pay close attention to what people like in these classes so that she can expand upon them for the winter months. “Last year we had some ladies doing the classes over and over again. We hope to continue this trend and offer them something fun and new each time they take a class”

“We just get such a kick watching everyone come out with friends, or on their own and meeting new friends. Our classes are stress-free and everyone walks away with a smile.”

Want to be one of the first to sign up for one of Jenny’s new classes? Be quick. They fill up fast!

  • October 10, Lighthouse at Matey’s Chartroom in Michigan City. Tickets here.
  • October 24, Make a Mermaid at Taphouse in Michigan City (14 and up!). Tickets here.
  • November 7, Beach Glass Windchimes at Byway Brewery in Hammond. Tickets here.

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