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Instagram scavenger hunt with prizes starts today!

January 15, 2018

Feature photo by: Laura Niemiec

Looking for some fun? Head to Ambler Flatwoods in Michigan City for an Instagram Scavenger Hunt. Dig the Dunes has teamed up with Shirley Heinze Land Trust, Save the Dunes and Burn Em Brewery for this fun, “get outside, then get online” adventure!

What do you need to do?
First you need to get on instagram and follow Dig the Dunes (@digthedunes), Shirley Heinze Land Trust (@heinzetrust), Save the Dunes (@savethedunes) and Burn Em Brewery (@burnembrewing).

Then, head to Ambler Flatwoods between now and February 28, 2018. Before you go, click here to learn more about visiting Ambler Flatwoods, where you can download a map of the nature preserve. Please note there are TWO parking lots for this trail. While you are there, you need to find the following things.

  • One of our trailhead signs
  • Newgent Bridge
  • Pine Tree Trail
  • Birch Trees (anywhere along trail)
  • Any Boardwalk
  • Head to Burn ‘Em and snap a photo of one of their beers!  (this is not mandatory, but will get you an extra entry in the contest!)

Once you’ve snapped your photos, you will need to upload them to a single post on instagram. Be sure to tag #digthedunes, #heinzetrust, #savethedunes and #burnembrewing. Please note: if your instagram is private, we may not see your photos! If you’d like to keep it private, you can tag us in your photo. 

What next? On March 2, 2018 we will have a drawing at Burn Em Brewing! Join us for the fun, or sit back and wait to see if you’ve won. We will tag all our winners in a post. Prizes will include, shirts, hoodies, decals, art and more! More details about the drawing at Burn Em will come in the following few weeks. Drawings for prizes will be random.








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