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If you “dig” the dunes, please help SAVE the dunes!

May 31, 2018

Feature photo: Natalie Johnson, Executive Director of Save the Dunes and Eve Wierzbicki, founder of Dig the Dunes.

If you’re reading this, then you certainly “dig” the dunes and know that we love to get you outside experiencing and exploring this beautiful area—from the trails to the towns to the taprooms. We share all sorts of  information about the dunes area as well as hold events like beach glass classes, sunset photography, and beer runs, we also just recently launched our “Dunie” Passport program!

But did you know that Dig the Dunes likes to give back as well? We’re thrilled to partner with environmental organizations who are dedicated to protecting this special area. Today, we’re featuring one of our favorite local nonprofits, Save the Dunes, who has a mission to protect, preserve, and restore our Indiana dunes. Since Save the Dunes is turning 66 this June and also holding their awesome signature fundraiser on Saturday (Jammin with Save the Dunes!), we thought we’d talk a little bit about what they do. Dig the Dunes sat down with Natalie Johnson, the Executive Director of Save the Dunes, to answer a few questions about Save the Dunes, their event this weekend and what they’re up to next.

What exactly is Save the Dunes?
Save the Dunes is a nonprofit organization with a mission to protect, preserve, and restore our Indiana dunes and the surrounding lands and waters. We get the job done through advocacy, meaningful projects, and by getting people acquainted with these exciting places in the Indiana dunes. Some may consider us the voice for the Indiana dunes and Lake Michigan. We want to make sure they’re here for this generation and the next!

Dig the Dunes and Save the Dunes have similar names and similar tastes. They both love the dunes!

Dig the Dunes and Save the Dunes have pretty similar names; do people ever confuse the two?
Sometimes, but that’s not a bad thing. We’re excited to partner with local businesses like Dig the Dunes because it helps bring awareness to our efforts. Dig the Dunes is really great at promoting different places to visit and enjoy in the Indiana dunes and SW Michigan. Save the Dunes is excited to share how people can keep those places protected. In fact, most people can “save” the dunes from their own backyards by doing things like planting native species over invasive species. Dig the Dunes helps us get the word out about topics like these, too. We work great together and are always happy to build these kinds of partnerships.

Can you talk about Jammin with Save the Dunes on Saturday?
Jammin with Save the Dunes is our signature fundraiser which supports our organization, allowing us to keep on doing our important work. There will be great entertainment from Mr. Blotto, Clusterpluck, Tumbleweed Jumpers, School of Rock—Oak Park, and Robert Rolfe Feddersen. Our event features lots of local beer, wine, and food, too. Plus, if you have a family, our kids’ zone is full of fun activities. If you attend our 8th annual event, not only will you be guaranteed to have a good time, but you will also be supporting an amazing cause– the ongoing protection of Northwest Indiana’s environment! (Tickets available here).

And! If you want to join us for our Jammin “pre-party”, Burn ‘Em Brewing in Michigan City is giving Save the Dunes $1 from every beer from 2-10 today, May 31. Save the Dunes and Dig the Dunes team members will be on hand to chat with you at 5:00 and they will be going live on Dig the Dunes Facebook page!! Learn more about this event and a special brew, right here!

We want to thank Natalie and the team at Save the Dunes for all they do to protect the places that Dig the Dunes’ love so much!

Also, did you know that Save the Dunes has memberships, too? Be sure to look into supporting this awesome organization at As for us at Dig the Dunes, we’re looking forward to continuing to help plan and promote Save the Dunes events and make our followers aware of how they, too, can help Save the Dunes!

Are you a runner? Be sure to register for the first-ever Dunes Dash 5k!



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