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Hit the Brew Trail with Kathryn, Aaron and CopperHop!

October 4, 2018

Meet Kathryn & Aaron Kirk! Kathryn and Aaron own CopperHop a craft beer trail where you can stop at different breweries, cideries, and meaderies and collect custom charms. 

What is CopperHop? And how did it get started?
CopperHop is a craft brew trail where people can collect copper tags and custom charms when they visit participating breweries, cideries, and meaderies. It’s an opportunity for people to have fun, show their friends where they’ve been, and have a keepsake from their visit. We offer logo charms for our participating locations. This is something very special, and only found at CopperHop!    

How does someone start collecting the charms?
To start your collection today, it’s simple. Go to our website, check out the map and find the closest participating location near you.  Visit the location and when you order your beverage, ask your server for a tag/charm.  There you can also ask for a card which has all the locations listed. Once you get one, you’ll want them all… it’s great fun and a great way to meet new people. We also started a Charming Vines trail which goes to different wineries!

How many breweries/wineries are currently involved? Are you looking to add more?
We currently have around 50 locations, and we’re looking to add more all the time.  We are always looking to expand the trail for those collecting!  So far, CopperHop can be found mostly in Indiana and Illinois, but we also have locations in Ohio, West Virginia, and Florida. This winter we will also be adding locations in Virginia, Wisconsin and New York.  

What happens when you collect them all?
While we do have special gifts, swag, recognition and status for those who collect them all, we appreciate everyone who is out there on the trail. You don’t have to collect them all to be a VIP in our eyes. We have frequent meet-ups, where we’ll enjoy dinner and drinks, festivals, beer releases, giveaways, etc.     

Why did you pick this area to start your business?
Northwest Indiana is our home and we fell in love with the craft scene here. The local community creates a perfect environment for brewers to source local products and we love being part of that and driving patrons in their direction.  Where else can you be part of something so special, helping people have fun and local businesses thrive?  

Anything else?
We love to support our local community, businesses and farmers. We love the community that is growing as a result of CopperHop, and we invite all to be part of it. There is something in the craft world for everybody, we like helping people find it!

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