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August 3, 2015

Riders…get ready…get set…go!


This last weekend was a first for Dig the Dunes. With the help of Nichole Sheaffer and Michigan City Mainstreet Association, Dig the Dunes successfully put together its first event! The Rally to the Taste/Scavenger Hunt brought out a total of 13 teams of 2-5 participants each. It was a great group of people and it seemed like everyone had a lot of fun.

Teams got a set of clues and then headed out to snap photos in front of each of the landmarks. The 30 mile endurance runners went as far as the famous “World’s Fair Pink House” in Beverly Shores to Creek Ridge County Park to Ambler Flatwoods on Meer road. Two of the teams made it out to ALL 15 landmarks. It was quite impressive!

My favorite part was chatting with some of the riders after the race. Many had not heard of Shirley Heinze Land Trust, so the clue: “Take a Walk with Shirley on the Mayor’s road” was a tough one for them. But the riders figured it out with the help of google and also learned about a new place to go! Barker Mansion had someone out front distributing coupons for coffee to their garden event, TroyBuilt Fitness had water for the riders and Troy himself posed for a few photo ops! Overall, riders thought the race was well organized. A couple suggestions were to give everyone clues (not just one per team) and to have the family teams start a bit later so that they finish just in time for the start of the Taste.

Riders received a rally shirt as well as tickets for the Taste of Michigan City. Part of the goal of this event was to bring people to the Taste earlier in the day, so it was really nice to see the bright blue Rally shirts walking around the Uptown Arts District and relaxing in the beer garden after the race was over.

Many thanks to our sponsors: Troybuilt Fitness, Jamie Hogan, My Bike and Bartlett’s Gourmet Grill.

Winners received gift cards for My Bike and Bartlett’s Gourmet Grill.

A list of winners will be posted here later this week.

Some of the winners!

Some of the winners!

Gathering at the start line

Gathering at the start line

A couple riders posing with Troy!

A couple riders posing with Troy!

The "Dream Team" posing in front of the MC Zoo … with another team sneaking a shot in the background!

The “Dream Team” posing in front of the MC Zoo. With another team sneaking a shot in the background!

The banner. Thank you to our sponsors!

The banner. Thank you to our sponsors!



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