Has Social Distancing Got You Down? 6 Things to Do in the Dunes.

March 29, 2020

Things are very different these days and many of our lives have been turned upside down. Some of us are working from home, others are not working at all, and many are putting their lives on the line each day by going out to work in grocery stores, hospitals and doctor’s offices. We are feeling lots of ups and downs, and unfortunately it feels like lately there have been many more downs than ups.

Keep moving forward though, we will get through this! We’ve come up with six things to help you keep your head up.

  1. Go for a walk or run. Yes, we need to stay home, but we also need to get out for our sanity! Go alone, with your dog, or with immediate family. Walk or run the beach, a hidden trail, or a country road. Please, do not plan walking groups. Now is not the time. Do not congregate in parking lots and do not choose the nicest day to hit the most popular area. Use our list of trails to find some more secluded areas and get out and exercise! Full list of trails here.
  2. Take photos. Again, get outside and take photos. Take photos of the beach, of the dunes, of your family, or your pet. Share them with others online. Connect through photos. Share our beautiful dunes with others.
  3. Support your local restaurant. Get takeout every once in awhile. Running in to grab some food-to-go seems a lot less stressful than hitting the grocery store these days. The dunes are known for hard working restaurant owners that care about their customers. They need us now, so get out there and support them. Or, if you feel more comfortable, simply purchase a gift card from them to use at another time.
  4. Sit outside and reflect. Sometimes it gets a little crowded with the whole family home. Force yourself to go somewhere where you can be alone and de-stress. Meditate and be aware of your breathing. Listen to the sounds around you. Birds, waves, the sound of silence.
  5. Search for treasures. Head out to the beach and look for beach glass, or find a cool rock or stick on a trail. Keep your mind off things, by focusing on your search. Share with us what you find!
  6. Connect with friends and family virtually. Facetime, Zoom and Facebook chats have been the perfect way to see loved ones that you can’t see in person. Watch one of our local musicians do an online show. Participate in group chats. Keep your mind off the negative and focus on the positive. Smile and laugh as much as you can!
Take a deep breath and say AAAAAAHHH! We will get through this!

Hang in there everyone! We will get through this together.


We are all under a lot of stress during this time of uncertainty. Lately there have been a lot of comments with conflicting views about going outside and to the dunes. At this time, the governor has stated that we CAN go out to hike, walk and exercise. This does not mean walking in groups, it does not mean gathering in parking lots to talk. It means going outside by yourself or with your immediate family only.

It is very important for many to get outside, but please use common sense and go to places where you can stay 6 feet apart (or more) from others. We do not want our trails and beaches to close. There are many, many places to go where you can be alone. Choose an earlier time to go — or on a colder, rainier day. Remember has an entire list of trails, many of which are rarely used, where you can go and be by yourself.

Please, do not get angry at people if they choose to go out and hike, walk or run alone. They are doing far less damage than those that are going to the store.

This is a time where we all need to work together. Many people are struggling. Many people need to get out into nature for their sanity. Please, everyone, follow the rules. Go to places that are not crowded. Park away from others. Don’t let our trails and beaches be taken away from us!

Social distancing in the dunes…. Hello Chicago! See you soon!

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