Harbour Trust: Helping you find the right financial path

November 14, 2018

Whether you are hitting the trails in the dunes, or trying to navigate life, everyone could use a little help finding the right path. One way to do that is to find the right Investment Management Company. Dig the Dunes sat down with Harbour Trust in Michigan City, to find out what makes them a leader, and trail blazer in the field.

Why should someone choose Harbour Trust for their financial needs?
Harbour Trust is so much more than just a list of what we do, it’s who we are.

Harbour Trust continues to deliver outstanding service and results by staying true to our founding principles. You can count on us to not only partner with you now, but to be there for you in the long run.

What makes us unique is our lack of proprietary products, meaning that we are only vested in the success of our clients. We have unwavering focus on our clients, and always have their best interests at heart.

We develop, cultivate and sustain relationships with our clients for the long-term. We understand that we aren’t just managing assets. We are managing the assets that will provide for your hopes, dreams, retirement and legacy.

How long has Harbour Trust been in business?
Harbour Trust has been serving our clients as a symbol of trust and experience since 1997. Founding partners Bob Rose and Leon Dargis were both native to Northwest Indiana.

Who are your clients?
Our Clients are individuals and families who have accumulated wealth and are looking to ensure that wealth supports themselves and their families through all the different financial stages of life.

How does Harbour Trust “dig the dunes”?
We are involved with so many local organizations like Duneland Health Council Board, Michigan City Salvation Army Advisory Board, Economic Development Corporation of Michigan City, La Porte County Unity Foundation, Michigan City Rotary Club, Chesterton-Porter Rotary Club, Lubeznik Center for the Arts and Jacob’s Ladder- Chesterton. We immerse ourselves with the people and organizations in the dunes area.

When not at work, many of our employees love hiking the dunes, walking/biking Lakeshore Drive, going to local breweries and wineries such as Burn’Em, Zorn and Shady Creek and enjoying nice sunny days on the beach

What should someone do if they are looking for an Investment Management Company and want to get in touch with you?
They should email us or give us a call!

Office location: 1024 N Karwick Road Michigan City, Indiana 46360
Phone: 219-877-3500

Ready to find that path that will secure your future? Choose our newest partner and trail blazer, Harbour Trust!

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