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Galien River County Park, New Buffalo

June 4, 2015

Submitted by Stephen Lehman

The Marshlands

The Marshlands

Galien River County Park is another hidden gem of the SW Michigan area. It is located just north of Roma Pizza in New Buffalo, MI off of Red Arrow Highway. This park has got to be one of my favorites to visit. Once you start to walk the trail towards Galien River, you will see a boardwalk emerge. The lower boardwalk goes down into the marshy area surrounding the river and the upper boardwalk will take you to an overlook where you can see the entire Galien River area. I would recommend checking out the upper boardwalk first. It provides a spectacular view of the whole marsh. Make sure you have a camera ready for this adventure! The lower boardwalk gives you an up-close look at all of the area’s wildlife and untouched marshlands.

Galien River

Galien River



Stephen swinging on a vine on the upper boardwalk. Photo taken by Ashlee Jones

Park Entrance:



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