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Five Tips for Halloween Fun in the Dunes

October 20, 2016

Halloween is just over a week away and there are so many fun things happening in the dunes. From haunted houses, to pumpkin patches, to trick or treating. A couple area websites have gathered some pretty extensive lists, which we are happy to share right here. Halloween Upcoming Events
South Shore CVA Halloween Events

For Dig the Dunes, we love the scary stuff, but Halloween is also a wonderful time for us to get outside and celebrate the changing of the seasons. Summer is over, but warm days are still sprinkled throughout October. Hopefully, you can get outside over the next few weeks and hit the trails while the fall colors are vibrant and the leaves are changing daily. The sky can be so clear and the sun can be so bright this time of the year.


Trick or Treating can be fun for everyone!

Here are our five tips for Halloween fun in the dunes.

  1. Trick or Treat. Whether you are an adult or a child, trick or treating is always fun! Here in the dunes we can remember Halloween nights that were 80° and then others when it was snowing. Either way, the kids are out running around and could care less about the weather. It’s a time to watch the happiness on children’s faces and chat with your neighbors. Whether you are out on the streets or passing out treats from behind your door, trick or treating can always bring a smile to your face.
  2. Get scared. You can always find a haunted house or hayride, but how about some real scary stuff? The dunes carry lots of “real” haunted attractions and we found this list of some good ones as well as the top 10 scary spots in LaPorte County. You can also read about Alice Grey, who is known to haunt the area as Diana of the Dunes, right here in this fun “Meet your Neighbor” that we did back in May of 2015.
  3. Head to a Pumpkin Patch. People come from all over to go to our pumpkin patches. We have several wonderful ones in the area and it’s always lots of fun to head out on the tractor with some hot cider in hand and pick the perfect pumpkin for….
  4. Pumpkin Seeds! No Halloween is complete without homemade pumpkins seeds. They are easy to make, delicious and healthy! A warm oven with the smell of pumpkin seeds roasting is a wonderful feeling. Here is one of our favorite recipes.
  5. Bonfire. Possibly even on the beach? October days can still be warm, but the nights will usually cool off. What better time for a bonfire? Whether it’s in your backyard or on the beach, a bonfire is the perfect place to sit and tell spooky stories. Head to the beach for a sunset and then toast some s’mores in front of a warm fire. (Bonfires are prohibited on many of the public beaches, but there are still some spots that allow them!)


Whatever you decide to do, remember to be safe!
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