Families Reconnect while Social Distancing in the Dunes.

April 21, 2020

As the COVID 19 pandemic continues to take hold of our lives and we isolate ourselves week after week, a pretty amazing thing has started to happen. Families are reconnecting. Husbands and wives, parents and children, and sisters and brothers are all spending time to together….and enjoying it.

We have been forced to slow down and social distance. School is online and kids are at home. There are no team sports or extra curricular activities. Parents are working from their kitchens; and restaurants, malls and movie theaters are closed.

While many things are no longer available, what is accessible is our backyard. And for many duners, our backyard is the beach, the trails and the Indiana Dunes.

Families are getting out together for more hikes…and hugs!

Families are taking advantage of what the dunes have to offer and they are going out together. They are hiking, talking, holding hands and hugging. They are their own unit and they are depending on one another for company and conversation. On a Tuesday afternoon you might see a father and daughter walking along a trail, parents with their three young kids throwing rocks into the lake, a mom collecting beach glass and sticks with her son, or a husband and wife enjoying the sunset.

These families are all outside (or inside) enjoying the dunes and each other. They are keeping their distance from others, and all the while, reconnecting with one another.

Don’t want to go outside? Bring the dunes inside! Photo credit: Jenny Soffin (The IN Coast)

During these times, please remember to reach out to those that may be alone. Distant family members and friends need to reconnect too! Give them a call, plan a zoom meeting, or send them photos. And please practice safe social distancing practices when you go out. As it gets warmer, more crowds will head to our beaches. Do not plan to camp out. Head to the beaches and trails to walk and enjoy outdoor activity. It’s very important to stay with your family unit and to leave the beaches and trails as you found them.

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