Dunie Q&A

Please note: Some of you may have a passport that says Laporte County Chamber of Commerce, Michigan City.  This should be Laporte County CVB, located at 4073 S. Franklin St, Michigan City. 

How long am I a Dunie?
Once you sign up, your name will be on our Dunie wall as long as you want it there. You will, however, need to renew your passport and membership benefits in April, 2019.

How do I get my passport stamped?
Head to all the locations (be sure to check and see when they are open) and ask them to stamp it at the front desk. At Save the Dunes on Barker Rd., you can get your passport punched at the trailhead, or go inside and ask for a stamp. At Shirley Heinze Land Trust, you will go to the Meadowbrook trailhead and punch it. At the Indiana Visitor’s Center, you need to go into the gift shop and use their stamp.

When does the Douglas Center open so I can get my passport stamped there?
The Douglas Center in Miller is scheduled to open in May. If you can’t wait for your free gift we will honor the passport without that stamp. But….we do suggest you go out there and check it out this summer!

I haven’t gotten my members only newsletter, why?
Newsletters will come out about once a month (starting mid-April) If you haven’t received your newsletter, please check your junk mail first and if it’s not there, email us and let us know. We will be sure to add you to the list.

I am buying one for a friend, how do I get their name on the wall?
Be sure to email us and let us know! We are happy to make any changes.

My name/city is not correct on the Dunie page. What do I do?
Email us! We will change it.

Have another question? email us at info@digthedunes.com and we will answer within 24 hours.