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Dunes Basketball Trivia

March 23, 2020

Many Duners would be watching basketball rooting for an upset this time of year, but 2020 is different. Never fear, Dig the Dunes is here! Here’s some fun Dunes region basketball trivia. Ready, set, go!

The person with the most points wins a free T-shirt! Contest ends at 10am on March 31, 2020. Submit answers to

  • This former Dunes region resident helped his Chesterton Trojans team win the 1987  sectional championship, played basketball at Indiana University, and appeared in the basketball movie, “Blue Chips,” that starred Nick Nolte. Who was he?
  • In 1955, two all-black high schools played for the Indiana State High School basketball championship at Butler Fieldhouse. Indianapolis Crispus Attucks won the game. What region high school did Attucks beat?
  • The second largest high school gymnasium in the United States sits 4 ½ miles from Lake Michigan and seats 8,054 people. Its school won a 2007 Indiana State Basketball Championship. Where is it located? 
  • In the 1950s, this Duneland high school went 3 straight seasons without a victory. It finally broke its losing streak—65 straight losses—against tiny Clinton Township High School in overtime. The school’s mascot was the Panthers and the school closed to consolidation in 1969. What was the school?
    – Portage
    – Chesterton
    – Liberty Township
    – Jackson Township
    – Washington Township
  • Down by 2 points in the first round of the 1998 NCAA basketball tournament, the head coach of the 14-seeded Valparaiso Crusaders drew a play for his son to take a last second 3-point shot to try to beat 4-seeded Mississippi (a huge potential upset). The shot went in and basketball fans across the country rejoiced. Who were the coach and the player? (1 point for each name)
  • Photo Question: What school did these girls play for?
  • Less than 2,000 feet from water’s edge, this high school basketball gymnasium is closer to Lake Michigan than another basketball gym in Indiana.
  • The Indiana High School Athletic Association didn’t hold a girls state basketball tournament until 1976. What year did the Porter County Conference first play a girls basketball tournament?
    – 1924
    – 1969
    – 1973
    – 1982
  • What NBA basketball coach, who has coached five NBA championship teams, was born in East Chicago to Serbian and Croatian parents and played basketball at Merrillville High School?
  • Indiana recognizes the best high school basketball player in the state with the Mr. Basketball and Miss Basketball award. Nine players from the Dunes region (Lake, Porter, LaPorte County for this purpose) have been named Mr. or Miss Basketball. Name three. Name more to earn extra points—1 point per correct name.
  • BONUS: Only two athletes have played in a NCAA Final Four and a World Series and they both grew up near the Dunes. Name one. Name both players and the high school they attended for 2 extra points.  


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