Dunie [DOON – EE]
noun (person) 

1. Someone who Digs the Dunes.
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Erin Ollis, Crown Point • Lynne Dohner, Portage • Jeanie Dougherty, Porter • Hillary Carpenter, Miller Beach • Sharon Stucky, Crete • Julie Serletic, Cedar Lake • Eric Summers, Hammond • Jack Pearson, Chesterton • Joni Knight, Long Beach • Nancy Sanders, Laporte • Randi Light, Ogden Dunes • Kathleen Brown, La Grange • Maureen Kolbusz, Michigan City •  Mel Kolbusz, Michigan City • Patty McWilliams, Valparaiso • John Jones, Chesterton • Shirley Gross, Michigan City • Susan Vance, Beverly Shores • Izzy Endsley, Chesterton • Richelle Schneider, Crown Point • Karen Moore, Fort Wayne • Diana Ahlers, New Carlisle • Heather Pritchard, Chesterton • Karen Eckert, Indianapolis • Anna Mahan, Chesterton • Susan Heaney, Chicago • Brenda McGillen, Crown Point • Melissa Flack, Sheridan Beach • Scott Flack, Sheridan Beach • Kelly Clark, Chesterton • Jennifer Wittrup, Crown Point • Sharon Jones, Valparaiso • Marianne Savage, Greencastle • Debi Smith, Crown Point • Jill Sechrist, Carmel • Chuck Ealy, Chesterton • Christopher Matura, Porter • Jennifer Burkhart, Ogden Dunes • Mathew Stephan, Valparaiso • Lisa Navardauskas, Portage • Heather Davis, Valparaiso • Mary Lou Dovantzis, Tinley Park • Jen Soffin, Ogden Dunes • Jeanne Thackerson, Valparaiso • Molly Thackerson, Valparaiso • Melissa Subhasiriwatana, Valparaiso • Robin Surber, Michigan City • Susan Coombs, Michigan City • Brian Stidham, Indianapolis • Thomas Swirski, Michigan City • Debra Moffitt, Michigan City • Zahra Schooley, Michigan City • Laura Niemiec, Michigan City • Karen Cercone, Chesterton • Veronica Lain, Hobart • Christiana Howton, Chesterton • Denichka Belichka, Portage • Dalia Trakis, Palos Hills IL • Mary Ann Best, Gary • Suzanne Richardson, Crown Point • Lydia Coburn Flores, Portage • Amy DeLong, Porter • DeeDee Strickel, Beverly Shores • Kelly Bisch, Valparaiso • Darlene, Kwiatkowski, Chesterton • Karen Beere, Demotte • Laura Steele, Michigan City • Kristin English, Portage • Kayla Morton, Chesterton • Carmen Dobbertien, Homewood • Anne Scheffer, Schererville • Elyse Alexander, Schererville • Patti Mook, Bolingbrook • Kourtney Kumpf, Indianapolis • John Defauw, Ogden Dunes • Lauren Defauw, Ogden Dunes • Jason Ciesielski, Westville • Lauren Mache, Chesterton • Paul Mache, Chesterton • Michelle Laninga, Griffith • Elyse Stuart, Chesterton • Anita Wallin, Western Springs • Sarah Richardson, Munster • Kevin Zurek, Laporte • Sarah Zurek, Laporte • John Lind, Chicago • Kerisa Garcia, Hobart • Jennifer Quartucci, Valparaiso • Greg Quartucci, Valparaiso • Martha Gallup, Chesterton • Cindy Hargarten, Ogden Dunes • Elsie Ferguson, Granger • Janet Latchford, Michigan City • Nancy Frait, Long Beach • Shannin Rowe, Valparaiso • Pat Maxwell, Ogden Dunes • Robin Benoy, Long Beach • Pamela Stanfield, Laporte • Scott Miller, Porter • John Paolone, Portage • Carol Bernier, Ellisville • Joe Bernier, Ellisville • Diane Connell, Hobart • Cheryl Dieterle, Union Pier • Laura Albee Schroeder, Tinley Park • Mary Jo Niemiec, Michigan City • Tracy McCoy, Chesterton • Frances King, Munster • Meagan Ferguson, Valparaiso • Angela Paolone, Portage • Jen Veatch, Laporte • Lynn Duttlinger, Chesterton • Deborah Tatum, Valparaiso • Kim Lubek, Okeechobee • Carol Stream, Rock Island • Sherri Green, Hobart • Lindsay Kobat, Trail Creek • Scott Timmerman, Valparaiso • Arlene Smolen, Schererville • Claudia Potocki, Crown Point • Sally Monkus, Downers Grove • Candice Carrillo, Tipton • Laura Ellis, Porter • Christy Dzierba, Porter • Vicki Sparks, Long Beach • Linda Ameling, Griffith • Justin Camer, Michigan City • Wendy Masters, Valparaiso • Kathy Hinton, Ogden Dunes • Patricia Mileham, Valparaiso • Joe Torres, Western Springs • Cecile Wrobleski, Laporte • Mike Wierzbicki, Ogden Dunes • Beverly Salyer, Michigan City • Mike Salyer, Westville • Monica Gauthier, Ogden Dunes • Nancy Moldenhauer, Michigan City • Karen Holland, Hammond • Debbie Ciesielski, Hobart • Toni Jarrett, Gary • Barbara Schultz, Ogden Dunes • Susan Torasso, Oakwood • Peg Landsman, Longboat Key • Debra Lane, Laporte • Larissa Shvedas, Chesterton • Natalie Rauch, Michigan City • Brenda Coleman, Valparaiso • Cathy Cushway, Valparaiso • Deb Setnes, Crown Point • Connie Richter, Ogden Dunes • Donna Lind, Valparaiso • Traci Norvell, New Carlisle • Shannon Reisinger, Valparaiso •
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