Burn ‘Em Brewing to stay put in Michigan City.

March 22, 2018

This past week news got out about Burn ‘Em Brewing expanding to LaPorte. Many folks said, “say it ain’t so!”. Everyone can relax, because Burn ‘Em isn’t going anywhere. Yes, they will be opening a new (and completely different) kind of place in downtown LaPorte, but Burn ‘Em Brewing will always call Michigan City home.

“Along with this new place in LaPorte, we are currently investigating a long term investment in Michigan City, said one of the owners, Zach Blackwood,  “however, we also want everyone to know that we don’t want to leave our tap room. It means way too much to us.”

The offer in LaPorte was too good to pass up, said Zach, “after running the business for five years, the UEA (Urban Enterprise Association) will give us ownership of the building.” “Look for more of a food driven tap house” he said, “it will offer a variety of beverages and have a completely different name and feel, but at this point really anything is possible.”

Anything new by this group of guys is exciting, and Dig the Dunes looks forward to hearing more! But for now, hanging in the heated tent and waiting for what the next 4:20 tapping will be, is enough for us!


Don’t miss our next Beer Run with Burn ‘Em. April 11th at Friendship Botanic Gardens. More info here.



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