Brrrreweries and beer drinkers came out into the cold for Shelf Ice Brewfest

February 18, 2018

The cold air did not keep the breweries or the beer drinkers away for the 4th annual Shelf Ice Brewfest in Michigan City yesterday. The crowds came out and this year they actually got to see a little snow! Dig the Dunes writer and photographer, Laura Niemiec, joined the fun and handed out some Dig the Dunes stickers to a few of the guests. Do you see yourself in the crowd? Share and tag on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter if you see someone you know!

Some folks brought their four legged friends to the fest!


These guys snagged a few stickers


Staying warm and digging the dunes!


The snow started falling later in the day


Ice Carvers taking a break after being hard at work


Jake Simmons and the Little Ghosts were the entertainment for the day


Burn ‘Em Brewery was one of the many breweries who participated


Laura completed her collection!


Next up? Corkscrew and Brew on March 17 in downtown Chesterton Indiana!
Looking way ahead? Think about Bacchus and Beer Fest at Friendship Botanic Gardens on August 18.



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