Eve Landsman-Wierzbicki is the founder of Dig the Dunes. Here you can find her periodic writings about the dunes and why she loves them so much. Get her insights on some of the trails, places to go and fun that can be had right here in the dunes!

The Dig the Dunes 2022 Calendar Winners!

Hey everyone! Guess what time it is? It’s time to announce our Dig the Dunes 2022 calendar winners. This is our sixth calendar and we couldn’t be more pleased to share with you this list of talented photographers. All of them are dunes lovers and we think they each deserve a big round of applause. […]

Discovering the Dunes in November: A full day itinerary.

Feature photo: Calumet Trail right off Dunes Hwy. 12 November is the perfect time to get out and really discover the Indiana Dunes. Not sure where to go? We’ve got a full day itinerary set up just for you. You can’t go out for a full day exploring on an empty stomach. Our first stop […]

5 things to do in the dunes while summer is still here.

The kids may be going back to school (most of them virtually), but summer is not over yet! We’ve got plenty of warm days ahead of us and still time to do lots of fun things. This summer has definitely been different than all others, but lucky for us — we live in the dunes. […]

Thank our Everyday Heroes with a Meal from Third Coast Spice Cafe and Lemon Tree!

Looking for a way to thank those on the frontline?Third Coast Spice Cafe and Lemon Tree Mediterranean Grill (both in Chesterton) have made it easy for you. The’ve started the Everyday Hero Initiative, a program that allows you to donate and sponsor meals for our frontline workers. It’s simple. You choose what you’d like to […]

Families Reconnect while Social Distancing in the Dunes.

As the COVID 19 pandemic continues to take hold of our lives and we isolate ourselves week after week, a pretty amazing thing has started to happen. Families are reconnecting. Husbands and wives, parents and children, and sisters and brothers are all spending time to together….and enjoying it. We have been forced to slow down […]

Small businesses and strong women. Coping with Covid 19 in the dunes.

Small businesses in the area are very important to Dig the Dunes. We’ve connected with many of them personally. We love having events at the area restaurants, breweries and wineries; we enjoy recommending places to eat, shop & stay; we’ve gotten to know many of the business owners and we simply love to support them. […]

Attn: High School Students. We need you!

Hey there high schoolers! Are you getting bored at home? Dig the Dunes is looking for students in grades 9-12 to submit a photo and a paragraph of their favorite trail or beach in the dunes. Tell us about the trail/beach and why YOU like it. Dig the Dunes will choose ten of the submissions […]

Dig the Dunes attempts to win world record for largest man made dune.

Dig the Dunes is going to try to build the largest man made dune and they need your help! The dune is slated to be erected on April 10th on an empty lot off of Hwy. 12 between Ogden Dunes and Dune Acres. Dig the Dunes is asking that everyone bring one bucket of sand […]

Has Social Distancing Got You Down? 6 Things to Do in the Dunes.

Things are very different these days and many of our lives have been turned upside down. Some of us are working from home, others are not working at all, and many are putting their lives on the line each day by going out to work in grocery stores, hospitals and doctor’s offices. We are feeling […]

Five Spots to Social Distance Yourself in the Dunes.

We are currently living in a very scary time. Isolation, quarantine and social distancing are words we are hearing over and over again. It’s easy to become trapped in front of your phone or computer, continuously scrolling through COVID-19 updates. Try to break away for a little bit and get outside. Luckily, we live in […]

We Gotta Do Better.

Submitted by: Matt WernerFeature photo: Karen Cercone By now you’ve heard that ArcelorMittal exceeded the amount of cyanide and ammonia it’s permitted to release into the Little Calumet River, yet the alert came late and information is difficult to find. We gotta do better. One-hundred-twenty years ago, biologists and conservationists began traveling to the southern shore of Lake Michigan. They marveled at the beauty and […]

A Trip into the Big Little City.

Submitted by Eve WierzbickiFeature photo by: Kevin Shick It was a Saturday night and my husband and I were looking for something fun to do. We just got back from a road trip to Kalamazoo and we were tired of driving. It was a special occasion, but we didn’t quite have it in us to […]

Postcard Photo Contest Winners Announced!

Dig the Dunes and the South Shore CVA teamed up for a postcard photo contest and after receiving over 100 submissions, we have chosen the winners! The 8 postcards (sneak peeks shown above) will be available at the Indiana Welcome Center in Hammond, on and in several other spots around town. They are heading […]

10 Fun Facts Everyone Should Know About Our National Park.

On February 15, 2019, the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore became the Indiana Dunes National Park. The name changed just this year, but many changes have been in the making at our beautiful dunes and beaches for a few years now. Dig the Dunes talked to Amber Siewin, the budget technician for the park and she […]

Dig the Dunes teams up with the South Shore CVA for postcard contest.

Dig the Dunes and the South Shore CVA are currently seeking photos of beaches, trails, breweries, wineries, shops, landmarks and anything unique to the area for their postcard contest! They want to show off this beautiful area and they want to do it with your help! Later this summer, photos will be chosen and then […]

Dig the Dunes Picks Their Top Five Burgers in the Dunes!

When we decided to go out and find our top five burgers in the dunes, we thought it would be an easy task. Well, we were wrong! There are so many great burgers around the area and so many people with opinions on what should be the best burger. So here’s what we did. We […]

Dig the Dunes digs up beach glass necklace believed to belong to “Diana of the Dunes”.

What started out as a casual Sunday afternoon walk on the beach, turned into nothing of the sort for Eve Wierzbicki, founder of Dig the Dunes. Eve was walking west along Ogden Dunes beach, taking photos and searching for shoreline treasures, when she stumbled upon a beautiful piece of beach glass attached to a chain. […]

15 cool things to do in the dunes this spring.

The sun is shining, the temperatures are warming up and you want to get out and do something fun. Here’s our list of 15 cool things to do in the dunes! Hike Miller Woods Trail all the way to the beach. You’ll pass the lagoon, some dunes and lots of cool stuff. Head back and have […]

Dear Winter, it’s over.

Dear Winter, You know I love you, right? I was so excited to see you in November. When you snowed that first time you were so beautiful. You made my eyes glisten and my cheeks glow. You were so cool. You knew how to make me smile. In December you were calm and mild. So […]

Ten things to do while you’re stuck inside at the dunes.

The temperature is plummeting, the wind chill is rising and even the bravest can’t (and should not) go outside. (Well, maybe for a super quick second to snap a photo). So what can you do with your time? Here are some ideas. Plan what trail you will hit when the weather gets warm again. They […]

The dangers of shelf ice and why you should enjoy the beauty from afar.

Winter has settled in, and with the cold temps brings the freezing of Lake Michigan. The crashing waves become still, and the sight of shelf ice can be spectacular. Many who visit our beaches in the winter have never seen anything like it. When out on the beach, one can feel like they are in Alaska…or […]

Five places to rent skis/snowshoes in the dunes

Winter is finally here and there is no getting around it. Our biggest snowfall so far this year is forecasted for this weekend and the temps are about to get cold. So…’tis the season to embrace it! Many have been asking about ski rentals in the area. Here’s what we’ve got for you. Paul H. […]

A Letter of Thanks…

Dear friends, I wanted to take some time out of this busy holiday to season to thank you all for your support. Throughout the last few weeks, like many of you,  I have been caught up in the hustle and bustle of day to day life and have barely had a moment to breathe. I […]

Ten pefect gifts for the Dunes lover in your life.

Do you know someone that loves to go out hiking and exploring in the dunes, or maybe just likes to look at their beauty? Are you looking for the perfect gift for them? Take a look at our list and hopefully we will give you a few fun ideas! Dig the Dunes Merch. We had […]

The Mystery of the Beach Glass Marble and other Lake Michigan Treasures

Feature photo found and taken by: Barby Jo Adkins One of the most coveted shoreline treasures is the beach glass marble. Many search years and never find one. Where do they come from and why are they here? Dig the Dunes searched the internet for answers and found few. stated that marbles provided weight […]

Last day to submit photos for Dig the Dunes calendar contest is October 31

Attn: Photographers! October 31st is the last day go get your photos submitted into the popular Dig the Dunes Calendar Contest! Here’s the scoop: Each person may submit up to three photos. Photographs must be dunes inspired. That includes trails, wild life, beaches and monuments from NWI & SW Michigan. People can be in the […]

All Aboard! Tickets are now available for the Emita II

Submitted by: Eve Wierzbicki Last Friday, I was lucky enough to climb aboard the Emita II in Michigan City for her maiden voyage and sunset cruise. It was a beautiful evening, and as folks gathered at Millenium Plaza near the Old Lighthouse Museum, excitement rose. I could hear folks chatting about what to expect and […]

Plan your weekend itinerary with Dig the Dunes!

Dear Dig the Dunes, I wanted to write to let you know how much your website helped me plan my beach weekend in the dunes! I have visited relatives in the area before, but this was the first time I needed to plan it on my own. By looking at posts and your directory, along […]

Ten Ways to Keep our Beaches Clean!

(Contributions by Izzy Endsley and Jessica Campbell) When Monday morning comes, our beautiful, special, and cherished beaches look like the aftermath of a crazy party. We get it – we love to spend all day on the beach too, playing, hanging out, and swimming. But, when our beaches have more plastic than rocks on its […]

If you “dig” the dunes, please help SAVE the dunes!

Feature photo: Natalie Johnson, Executive Director of Save the Dunes and Eve Wierzbicki, founder of Dig the Dunes. If you’re reading this, then you certainly “dig” the dunes and know that we love to get you outside experiencing and exploring this beautiful area—from the trails to the towns to the taprooms. We share all sorts […]

9 Things to do in the dunes AFTER work

The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer (well, the weather is SUPPOSED to be getting warmer!). You head home from a busy day at work and all you want to do is sit on the couch and watch TV. No! There are so many better things to do. Get out, get […]

Dig the Dunes launches new membership and passport

Dig the Dunes is excited to launch their new membership and passport program! Become a “Dunie” today! What is the passport you ask? It’s your ticket to explore and experience all kinds of fun stuff in the dunes! For starters, new passport holders can head to the area visitor centers and information hubs to pick […]

Step Aboard the Emita II, right in Michigan City!

A tour boat in Michigan City? Dig the Dunes had to get the scoop! We talked to Victor Tieri, the owner of Harbor Country Adventures, located in New Buffalo, MI. Harbor Country Adventures will be chartering the Emita II right out of Michigan City. Learn more, right here! When will the boat tours start? Where […]

Dig the Dunes to now “dig” the mountains

After a recent trip East, Dig the Dunes founder, Eve Wierzbicki, had decided to pick up and move to Tennessee, where she will start “digging” the mountains. As of April 2, the new website will be On the site you will find tips for hiking mountains as well as photos of the mountains. The […]

Ten Fun Facts About Beach Glass

The weather is getting warmer, the birds are chirping and many of you are counting down the days to get back out on the beach to hunt for treasures. Some of you are probably already doing it. Beach glass is a phenomenon in this area. People just love it! We thought it would be entertaining […]

Ten things to do on a snow day.

It’s February. It’s snowing. It’s snowing a lot. Schools are closed, government offices are closed. Many shops, restaurants and businesses are closed.. So what are you going to do? You are going to embrace it! Here’s our list of top ten things to do on a snow day. (in no particular order).  What are yours? […]

A Spring Break Staycation in the Dunes

Trying to decide where to go for spring break? A little short on cash? Why not stay right here in Northwest Indiana or Southwest Michigan and have a staycation! There’s so much to do in the area, and sometimes with our busy schedules we don’t take the time to appreciate what’s right here in front […]

Trains, Trails and Ales: A day of fun in the dunes!

Ready to have some fun? We’ve got a challenge for you. It’s time to head to the South Shore Line and explore some new territory. We’ve figured out the perfect schedule for a day of trains, trails and ales! Not a big beer drinker? We’ve got options! All aboard! Here is your itinerary: (schedules may […]

Ten Beautiful and Breathtaking Shelf Ice Photos

Shelf Ice along Lake Michigan is one of the most majestic features in the dunes. This natural occurrence happens when waves crash and freeze and ice collects along the shore. Sometimes it looks as though the shelf ice goes out as far as the eye can see, giving you the sense that you are in [...]

Steel Mills to Shifting Sands – Pat Wisniewski Digs the Dunes

(Feature photo: Film Crew at Chelberg - Ranger Bruce Rowe, Lee Botts, Pat Wisniewski, and Rana Segal) Submitted by: Matt Werner   Patricia Wisniewski held her camera as she stood among a group of big, burly guys and one woman holding guns at a firing range. The woman asked her, “Do you shoot?” “My Canon,” Wisniewski [...] puts Michigan City on the map!

Hey everyone! Did you hear there’s a new website in town? One of our favorite dunes towns, Michigan City, has gotten an online face lift. Dig the Dunes was lucky enough to sit down with Rich Murphy, City Controller, and the team that built, MIchigan City’s newest website created for both locals and tourists. [...]

A guide to getting you through winter in the dunes!

SPONSORED BY:   Winter is here, there’s no doubt about that, but don’t despair — we’ve got lots of fun things for you to do until the warmer weather returns. Take a look at these eight fun winter activities and where to do them. Hiking: Getting out on the trails in any season warms your […]

Ten Holiday Gifts for the Beach Lover in your Life.

The holiday season is upon us and we all struggle on what to get that special person in our life. If you know a few beach lovers (and there are many out this way!) we have some fun ideas for you. Enjoy! Gear from The In Coast. Whether you are looking for apparel, a wine […]

Let’s Get Together and Dig the Dunes!

Submitted by: Eve Wierzbicki A few weeks ago I was at at a networking event in Chesterton. I had a handful of my cards and was ready to talk dunes. It was speed networking (put on by the Duneland Chamber of Commerce), so we had three minutes to talk to approximately 30 people. As I […]

Top 10 Spots To Take Fall Photos

We asked our Facebook followers to tell us where some of the best spots are to take fall photos. They submitted some beautiful shots. Where do you think the best spots are? Let us know! Cowles Bog Photo taken by: Christiana Lynn Howton Mt. Tom, Three Dunes Challenge, Indiana Dunes State Park Photo taken by: [...]

Five End of Summer Date Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss.

By Matt Cunningham With summer retreating into the rear view mirror, now is a great time for all you romantics and brave souls navigating the dating game to shake up your love life. Here are five ideas that Dig the Dunes has comprised to end your summer strong. The Acorn Theater is a sure way […]

The eclipse from all angles.

Feature photo: Laura Niemiec On Monday, the Dig the Dunes team headed off in all different directions and came back with many thoughts and perspectives about the solar eclipse. We had a group FB message going while the eclipse was taking place. “I made a viewing box! I hope it works” Said Izzy, “Driving home […]

Top 5 summer drinks and where to find them.

Feature photo by: Chad Ulam It's summertime and there are lots of fun refreshing drinks out there for you to sip during sunset. We thought we'd feature a few of our favorites and let you know where you can find them! Zombie What is it? several types of rum, velvet falernum liqueur, lime juice, grapefruit juice, [...]

5 Best Spots for Waterside Drinks in the Dunes

Feature photo by: Chad Ulam Temperatures are slowly starting to rise and soon we will want to hang outside as much as we can. What better place to have a cocktail than right along the water's edge?  Here are our top five waterside spots for a drink in the dunes. Bentwood TavernNew Buffalo, Michigan Address: 600 [...]

Ten fun and different dates in the dunes!

Whether you’re looking to impress a new girlfriend or boyfriend, you’ve been married for years, or you just want to hang out with your friends — Dig the Dunes has picked out our top 10 date ideas to keep you busy all spring long! Hit the trails. Everyone loves to go hiking on a date. It’s a […]

5 ways to not let this cold weather get you down.

Over the last week or so winter has really started to take hold. We’ve seen more grey days then blue, a big snowfall, dropping temps and some brutal wind chills. I found myself looking at the 10 day forecast and spewing obscenities to my phone. But we can’t crawl under a blanket and let winter get us down! […]

15 unique holiday shopping ideas in the dunes.

Updated for 2016! Sometimes holiday shopping can seem like such a chore. Here are some ideas that will make it fun…and you won’t just be checking off those Amazon wish lists, you’ll be giving your loved ones something unique…and local! ### Head on over to the Uptown Arts District in Michigan City. The holiday lights […]

It’s Sunday Funday! What are you doing today?

It’s Sunday, the sun is shining, and the weather looks like it will be holding in the fifties. What do you have planned for the day? We thought we’d share a sample itinerary with you and maybe give you some ideas! First off, you need to relax with some coffee or tea. Whether you hop […]

Five Tips for Halloween Fun in the Dunes

Halloween is just over a week away and there are so many fun things happening in the dunes. From haunted houses, to pumpkin patches, to trick or treating. A couple area websites have gathered some pretty extensive lists, which we are happy to share right here. Halloween Upcoming Events South Shore CVA Halloween Events For Dig the […]

What is Dig the Dunes?

By: Eve Wierzbicki Over the last few weeks, several people have asked me, “What is Dig the Dunes?” This is sort of a tricky question for me, because Dig the Dunes changes and grows daily. Dig the Dunes is actually so many different things.  I thought I would try to explain it a little here. […]

Five things you need to do before summer is over.

Photo credit: Stephen Lehman It’s the end of August and Labor Day weekend is looming around the corner. We will still have plenty of nice days in September and October, but that real sense of summer is slowly drifting away. Here in the dunes, we need to take advantage of our summer days. We wait all […]

Why do YOU dig the dunes?

Feature photo credit: Phillip Jeffrey Kohler I know why I “Dig the Dunes”, but I was curious to know why others did. So, I reached out to my Facebook and Twitter followers to find out just why they “dig the dunes”. Many people, like Colleen Miltenberger, Jeff Paul Sederberg and Cathy Krieg said the dunes were “home” to […]

Ready…Set…Spring! 7 must-see places to get you outside.

The weather is FINALLY starting to look better and I have hopes that we are over the hump and spring is here. So now that it’s getting nice outside, what are you going to do? Here are seven places to get you outdoors and start discovering this wonderful area where we live! Brincka Cross Gardens. You’ve seen […]

Ya Dig? We Do!

Hello friends! I am writing this post to thank you all so much for your support. Over the past year, Dig the Dunes has morphed into more than I could ever hope it would be. We are now posting articles almost daily, our Facebook followers have grown to close to 4,200 people and instagram and twitter […]

8 things to do over Valentine’s Weekend.

It’s Valentine’s weekend in the dunes, do you know what are you going to do? With Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday this year, you have all weekend to celebrate! Whether you are single or in a relationship, here are some fun things to get you out and keep you busy! Yoga. Grab some friends and head over […]

Four things you should do before winter is over.

This weekend the temperatures hit 50 degrees and my mind started wandering towards spring. I was already imagining the sun on my face and the sand between my toes. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Winter in the dunes is a special time too and now that the sun is setting later every day (it’s after 5:00 […]

Craft Beer fans: Here’s the dirt on local HOP farmers!

Submitted by: Eve Wierzbicki Featured photo courtesy of Howe Farms. With the craft beer business booming and the trend for everything going local, it’s not just Farm to Fork anymore. According to Steve Howe, owner of Howe Farms in Crown Point, it’s Farm to Glass! Steve is one of just a few hop farmers in […]

7 easy ways to get healthy in the dunes

We’ve all done it. We’ve made our New Year’s resolutions and have decided to “exercise more” and “eat healthy”. But now that we’ve made those resolutions, how do we stick with them? Well, if you live in or near the dunes — it’s easy! Here are 7 ways to help you exercise more, eat healthy […]

Great things ahead at Dig the Dunes!

Featured photo by Chad Ulam As 2015 comes to a close, many of us take the time to reflect on our past year and look ahead to things we would like to do in the future. Things that maybe we would like to do a little better, or just things that we would like to […]

Holiday Shopping Ideas in the Dunes … Part 2 !

Last week’s “Holiday Shopping Ideas” blog was so popular that I decided to add a part 2. With all the fun things to do in the dunes and cool places to shop in the area, coming up with 8 more ideas was pretty easy! So here you go…. • Everyone loves to be pampered! How about […]

Time to turn your clock back…

As the days get shorter, one of my least favorite times of the year is when we switch our clocks back. It’s a feeling of doom as we know we are about to enter a black hole of darkness, cold and winter. This year was a little different. After a gloomy, grey Halloween, we all awoke […]

School is in session…but summer’s not over yet!

  Labor Day has come and gone and most of the kids have gone back to school, but summer is not over yet. I am not going to let it get away so easy! On Sunday, I sat at the beach with my family and friends, enjoying the beautiful hot day. Our toes were in the water as we […]

Hidden treasures are all around the area…and YOU found them!

  This last weekend was a first for Dig the Dunes. With the help of Nichole Sheaffer and Michigan City Mainstreet Association, Dig the Dunes successfully put together its first event! The Rally to the Taste/Scavenger Hunt brought out a total of 13 teams of 2-5 participants each. It was a great group of people and it seemed like […]

There’s no place like…the dunes.

  Last weekend I was able to attend the wedding of some dear friends in Union Pier, Michigan. Normally, the drive to the wedding would not be so far. I’d hop on 12 and drive about 40 minutes east to arrive at their beautiful house. But this weekend was a little different. We were attending a family reunion in Virginia […]

What we’ve been waiting for…

Summer is here, folks! Although it’s been a rough start, cold – rain – hot -rain….rain – rain…i think things finally kicked in this past weekend. It was not only Father’s Day, but also the summer solstice – and many people were able to get out and enjoy their weekend, soaking it all in on the longest […]

A world without pictures

This past week and weekend, was so busy and full of fun. It was quite possibly my 7th (now 8th) grade daughter’s last dance recital. She has been dancing since she was 3. My mother came in from Florida, my in-laws arrived for the event and she looked and danced more beautiful than ever. Saturday was a […]

The Easy Side of the Lake

A couple weeks ago we celebrated Memorial Day. The kick off to summer. The time of year when tourists start coming to our dunes. Last weekend, as I stood in the middle of my favorite road trying to get a photo, I found myself cursing at an onslaught of cars driving by and making me wait. I had to […]

Watching things grow

Over the last few weeks, spring has definitely sprung! While I’ve been watching everything around me turn green and grow, things at Dig the Dunes are growing too. My head has been spinning as I’ve been meeting with many people and planning different things. My goal is to bring you as much about the dunes as […]

Just for a moment

  It’s not very often that I get to see my brother (who lives in Maine), but last week we were both lucky enough to take a quick trip with our kids to my mom’s house in Longboat Key, Florida to spend a few days together. We don’t talk as often as we should, but […]

“Go Play Outside!”

“Go play outside!”. Those were the words I said to my daughter this weekend. The past few days were perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. Blue sky, sunshine & light winds. This was the weekend I mentioned in past posts that we live for. This is why we hang in there all winter long. […]


  Geocaching. (pronounced \ˈjē-ō-ˌka-shiŋ\). Merriam Webster explains it as a game in which players are given the geographical coordinates of a cache of items which they search for with a GPS device. I first heard about geocaching several years back when my neighbor told me she was out on a geocache excursion with her kids. I had […]

Slowly drifting…

  I’ve decided to make this week’s blog more of a photo blog. Over the course of the year, I’ve taken lots of photos of driftwood and I’ve been wanting to compile my favorites and put them all in one place. So here you have it! All these photos were taken on the Ogden Dunes […]

Treasures of the Dunes

One of the wonderful things about Lake Michigan beaches are all the treasures that can be found. The sand is covered with snow now, but the weather has been warming up and soon the snow will melt away to reveal all sorts of beautiful stones, beach glass and crinoids. (otherwise known as Indian Beads). One […]

Good morning, Duners!

Morning. It didn’t used to be my favorite time of day.  It’s funny how things change. Age, kids, dogs… coffee?… something happened over the last several years and I have gone from sleeping in, to getting out early! Mornings are now my favorite time of day, both weekdays and weekends. Every morning, no matter what the […]

Spring is on the Horizon

  It’s been cold. Really cold. But, spring is on the horizon,  I promise! Squint at the photo and i think you can see it –waaaay back there. Aside from a somewhat “balmy” weekend, the past 10 days have been brutal. Last Thursday and Friday brought us a high of 5° with wind chills that were 20 to 30 below. Today is […]

Picture this.

Last week was my dad’s birthday. He would have been 81 years old. Sadly, my dad passed away in February of 2001, 14 years ago, and just a couple weeks after his 67th birthday. Too soon. My dad was the most creative person I have ever known.  I’d like to think some of what I now […]

Trail Running in the Dunes

One of the best things about living in the dunes is the ability to get out and exercise in the great outdoors. There are so many beautiful places to run in our area. Hopefully this week’s blog will help get you familiar with some of the best running trails. Or, if you are not a runner, […]

Winter in the Dunes

Last Monday after I posted my blog about the Dogs of the Dunes, I finished some freelance work and headed out with “my” dog of the dunes for an afternoon hike. We decided to go to the Indiana Dunes State Park and hit Trail 2, a shorter trail, and one that I haven’t done in […]

Dogs of the Dunes

              When my family and  I moved to the dunes in 2004, we had our sweet, beloved Golden Retriever, Chester. He was a city dog, raised in Chicago’s Lincoln Square, and was 3 years old at the time. Chester was a swimmer and when he found out we were moving close […]

Ski time and more…right off highway 12.

Those that know me, know that if they are trying to find me, there is a very good chance I’m driving down highway 12 ~ otherwise known as Dunes Highway. It seems that over the course of the day, due to work, errands, carpooling & just plain fun,  there are times that I drive that road back […]

Miller Woods…and BEER

Okay, so two of my favorite things are hiking and craft beer. So…when two of those things can happen in the same outing, I’m a pretty happy camper! Let’s head to the west border of Dig the Dunes this week. To Lake Street in Miller (yes, Gary!), Indiana. Along Lake Street you will find one […]

The new Dig the Dunes blog!

                  Hello everyone! Welcome to the new Dig the Dunes blog! It is my goal for 2015 to continue to post on Facebook, but to also go a little bit deeper in detail about some of the trails, places and events that are in the dunes! My New Years […]

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