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B-DOUBLE E-DOUBLE R-U-N, get the scoop on Dig the Dunes popular beer runs!

October 16, 2018

Submitted by: Allison Van Oss


Dig the Dunes brought this song to life over the last few months with our monthly BEER RUNS!

Ranging across Northwest Indiana, these popular adventures took us to Tryon Farm, Friendship Gardens, Ambler Flatwoods, Shirley Heinze Land Trust, and the lakefront in Michigan City. Then, after finishing the 2 to 4 mile course, there was the always-tasty beer (that is included in the $6 price) waiting, provided by the guys at Burn ‘Em Brewing.

The first Wednesday of the month was the perfect choice for the monthly beer run. In the middle of the week it provided us something to look forward to and break up the work week. It shook up the routine of our weekday nights, got us out of the house, introduced us to new people, and brought us to places we hadn’t been in Northwest Indiana.

Starting and ending at Burn ‘Em Brewing allowed the Beer Run to go either direction. Running to the west, we ran through the prairie landscape of Tryon Farm. This scenic route combined both road and trail running and became the go-to run of March, May, and October. Running to the east brought us through Ambler Flatwoods. We were excited to go back for this June run after having visited in January for the Dig the Dunes scavenger hunt challenge. Whether it was to the east or to the west, ending at Burn ‘Em Brewery provided the perfect destination for all runners.

Burn ‘Em Brewing was the perfect start & finish to many of the runs

We’d never been to Friendship Gardens in Michigan City, so the April run was a new experience. This trail through the property brought runners up and down hills and through the woods and gardens just beginning to bloom. August brought us to the Shirley Heinze Land Trust in Valparaiso. We were especially excited to run through this gem of a property as we came across it earlier in the year thanks to the Dig the Dunes Passport. Burn ‘Em Brewery served their beer at these satellite runs to continue the beer tradition.

The Beer Runs were often on trails, like this one at Friendship Botanic Gardens. They also picked up many regulars along the way!

September was perhaps my favorite run, along the lakeshore of Michigan City. We began and ended at Matey’s Restaurant; somewhere I’d driven past many times but never visited. Prior to September I had just walked the Beer Run routes, but that month I was inspired to try running. Running down Lakeshore Drive and back through Washington Park Beach was an extremely scenic route for my maiden voyage. Celebrating my first run (ok truthfully I walked about half of it, but I legitimately ran half of it too!) atop the deck at Matey’s was perhaps even better.

Now as fall begins to turn and we reminisce on all the places the Beer Runs took us this year, we can’t wait to see where we end up in 2019. Consider joining us next year! The Dig the Dunes Beer Runs bring together runners and walkers, people of all ages, and residents from all over Northwest Indiana who all have three things in common … getting out, exercising and a taste for BEER.

Allison Van Oss is a first grade teacher in Valparaiso, IN. She was introduced to Dig the Dunes through her boyfriend Scott, who writes for the website and leads the monthly beer runs. Together Allison and Scott enjoy catching the sunset, exploring the trails, and visiting the establishments of NWI/ SWMi.

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