A Letter of Thanks…

December 21, 2018

Dear friends,

I wanted to take some time out of this busy holiday to season to thank you all for your support. Throughout the last few weeks, like many of you,  I have been caught up in the hustle and bustle of day to day life and have barely had a moment to breathe. I have met lots of you this season between events, pop-up shops and making deliveries. So many of you had such kind words for Dig the Dunes and what we have been doing. I wanted to take a moment to tell you all how much that means to me and my team. It is because of your kind words that we keep going and doing what we do. Your positive feedback gives us energy, motivation, and brings a smile to our faces!

We are so excited for 2019 and what it will bring! We are already in the planning stage for some really great events. We will be partnering with new people, doing lots of fun things and, of course, supporting more local organizations. We are working on new merchandise and can’t wait to unveil it to you.

And of course our daily beach and trail photos. Dig the Dunes would not be here if it weren’t for those posts. This is where we started, and we will continue to share those with you as often as we can! We will also continue to post articles about all the local trails, beaches, new places in town and some of the amazing people that live here in the dunes. If you have not yet already, be sure to sign up for our weekly e-newsletter, this is the best way to make sure you see everything that we are doing.

Again, thank you so much! Have a wonderful holiday season and keep Diggin’ the Dunes!


Eve Wierzbicki, founder
Dig the Dunes

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